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Oct 7, 2020

Currently a Mental Skills Coach with the Seattle Mariners, Adam Bernero draws on both his experience as a big league pitcher and his formal education in sport psychology.

A native of Elk Grove, California, Adam spent part of 7 seasons playing Major League Baseball - spending time with the Detroit Tigers, Colorado Rockies, Atlanta Braves, Philadelphia Phillies, and Kansas City Royals.  

Adam's journey has led him to be the happiest and most fulfilled he's ever been.  After retiring from baseball, he ended up in Alaska spending four years as a fishing guide.  While in Alaska, Adam learned about sport psychology and immediately got to work.  Adam finished his undergraduate degree and promptly applied to the University of Denver's Sport & Performance Psychology Master's program.  

While finishing his Master's degree, Adam spent a season with the Toronto Blue Jays as a pitching coach.  Following that season, Adam accepted his current role as a Mental Skills Coach for the Seattle Mariners.  He is heading into his third season with the club.  

Adam is humbled by his journey as a 40-year-old going back to grad school, and feels a renewed sense of purpose and connection with himself and the world around him.  He believes having "feel" and nurturing strong relationships are extra key to being effective in his role.  Ultimately, Adam is committed to continuously learning his craft and creating meaning within the chapters of his story.