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Mar 30, 2020

Belisa is a US clinical psychologist, author, public speaker, and founder of The Breathing Class. She has been an active consultant and columnist in popular US Journalism, promoting intentional breathing practices to improve health. Check out her new book "Breathing For Warriors" out now!

Mar 27, 2020

The M&M boys Martin and McGuiggan get together to shine some light on how they're handling these unique times. The questions this week also include...

  • As a leader, can you inspire motivation in your subordinates... or is it better to allow them to be intrinsically motivated? 
  • What have you learned about yourself during...

Mar 26, 2020

MindStrong Project Founder and Coach Harvey Martin discusses the importance of Self-Awareness and why it's the first pillar in our webinar series. Taken from an event earlier on this week.  

Mar 23, 2020

Duncan is the General Manager of Zac Brown Customs, he's been with the crew since 2017 having previously worked for Harley Davidson. He founded The Butler Group which specializes in departmental management and implementation procedures, sales processes, recruiting, branding, advertising management and inputting...

Mar 20, 2020

This week is the first ever live broadcast of Coffee Buzz Friday for the MindStrong crew. The boys hopped on Instagram live to take questions and comments throughout the episode, thank you to everyone who joined and contributed and have a great weekend!