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Jun 15, 2017

Mart and Dave sprinkled some fresh feed into the FishBowl and attracted a powerful creature by the name of Dave Williams. Mr. Williams is currently the performance coach for a section of the U.S. military. He helps build and strengthen the minds of the men and women who serve our country and keeps their mental armour resilient and ready for combat. Aside from his work with the military Dave has helped athletes, coaches, and teams to be both highly skilled and highly consistent; two main pillars in Dave’s language.

Dave was born and raised in Bismarck, North Dakota. His first brush with mental performance came at a young age when he was duking it out for the prestigious 1994 North Dakota Elementary Aged State Chess Championships. His story is one that must be listened to; reading about it would only do disservice to the grandeur and glory achieved by a young man.

Dave does a wonderful job explaining what tools we can use to interpret energies. As humans our minds are obsessed with survival. “Since our brain is obsessed with safety and survival 75% of our thoughts are negative so if we leave it up to chance we’re going to feel terrified, nervous, and we want to escape.” Listening to his analogies about Haunted Houses, Sky Diving, Moving Boxes, Iron Man and Jarvis, and most importantly taking a date to a scary movie (Harv was taking notes vigorously here) offers us listeners valuable insight into using these energies for our own benefit rather than be a victim of our perceptions.

Mr. Williams approach is very case sensitive. He helps people build their most effective psychology to perform at a high level; not necessarily positive, not necessarily negative, but the most effective. His goal is to shift our reactions to create a clearer image of what we do want to have happen as opposed to what we don’t want to have happen, “We gotta remember that our brain is constantly looking for threats.”

Throw on your Beekeeper Suit as Dave ‘The HoneyBee’ Williams nourishes himself with Love (Honey) so he is able to pollinate others’ minds. Listen to Dave ‘buzz’ around the bases and learn how he hits a homerun everyday from his overflow of love, joy, and passion.