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Dec 4, 2020

On this week's episode, Harvey and Austin discuss the concept of "knowledge vs wisdom".  Particularly, how do we transform knowledge into wisdom?  Why is experience such an important factor in that equation?  Is rock bottom necessary for us to finally apply our knowledge?  We talk heavily about internalizing these concepts through the concept of choice-making and self-awareness! This is one of our favorite discussions yet... you won't want to miss it.

Key Insights:

0' - Introduction

3:52 - Unpacking The Concept Of Wisdom Vs Experience

5:55 - Why Do People Want Wisdom So Much?; "Why Are People So Addicted To Self-Development, But So Frustrated With Their Own Development?"

9:07 - Why Isn't Knowledge Good Enough; Why Do We Lie Or Do Anything We Intuitively Know Isn't Right?

12:00 - Why Do We Have To Have A Bad Experience To Learn Our Lesson?

16:10 - With Wisdom, We Navigate Knowledge With More Curiosity And Awareness?

17:18 - Read 100 Books And Understand One, Read Two Books & Understand Two - Who's Smarter?

19:00 - Continual Exposure To New Information

20:13 - Why Would You Stop An Athlete From Making A Mistake?; Who Is It About?

22:58 - The Battle Of External Information Vs Internal Awareness; "The Subconscious Mind Is The Internal Book Of Our Experiences."

28:50 - The Lesson In It All: We Have Very Few Choices If We Want To Be Our Best

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