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Dec 21, 2020

On this week's episode, James Comerford comes on the show to share his amazing journey in attempting to re-invent the healthcare system, his cellular health technology clinic/systems, and the "medical miracle" he experienced in his 40s to now working out every day at 64 and having a resting heart rate of 50 BPM.  James is the Founder and CEO of the Markham, Ontario based company Replenishing Care and Technologies, a center that is keenly focused on harnessing the body's ability to perform and heal.  

Join hosts Harvey Martin and Matt Arends as they discuss with James Comerford the importance and nuance of cellular health in relationship to performance, as well as the healing and restorative power of cellular health technologies.  

Key Insights:

- James dives into PEMF (Post-Electromagnetic Field) Therapy, which he describes as "battery charger for your cells".  

- The double-edged sword of anxiety and how performance can tie into the coping and/or healing process.

- Understanding our process regarding how to get out of being a prisoner to our own psychology through the law of attraction and cellular health.

- The domino effect of imbalance in the pelvic blocking system and the resulting compensations (hips, spine, head).

- Understanding how we are first and foremost a system of cells - thus cellular health is the foundation of any break in the chain of health

- Cell --> Tissue --> Organ --> Organ System --> Organism

- James' Purpose and Vision for the future of healthcare and Cellular Health Technologies

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