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Aug 22, 2017

College athletics is more popular, more competitive, more lucrative, and more visible than it has ever been. The NCAA has made more than $1 Billion each of the last three years for the first time in history. More than 26 million people watched Clemson beat Alabama in last year’s College Football National Championship game. Around 23 million people watched North Carolina battle Gonzaga in the Final Four National Championship basketball game in 2017.

Too often we forget that the college athletes participating in these games are indeed students first. They are 18-23 year old young adults who are not only dealing with playing in front of 50,000 screaming fans on a College GameDay Saturday, but then have to turn around and take an Econ. 1301 midterm on a Monday morning. They have to wake up at 6 a.m. on a Tuesday morning for an early team workout, go to three classes, head to the facility for five hours of practice and meetings, then spend their evening in study hall after dinner to prepare for a presentation they may have on a Thursday, all the while thinking about the big rivalry game they have on Friday night.

It would be an overwhelming schedule for the CEO of a major company and these are young people who are still dealing with acne and missing their families for the first time in their lives.     

It’s a tremendous learning period, to say the least.

As the Director of Sports Performance at Boise State University, Adam Hermann is a man who understands the importance of this time in a student athletes’ life, and has made it his mission to not only improve their bodies and performance, but their overall presence as a human being.

Consistency and Accountability are the two issues at the forefront of shaping a student athlete at Boise State University, and it is demanded from coaches, trainers, athletes, and every other staff member with that Bronco emblazoned on their shirts.

Walk around their facilitates and you will find the acronym E.F.F.O.R.T. everywhere you go. It is part of the DNA at Boise and Adam Hermann is the creator. He is a man who believes in continuity throughout their culture. Each player requires a specialized approach and therefore requires the same message from every coach and trainer he speaks with.

A man who challenges himself and his entire staff to practice what they preach, Adam considers them all to be Mirrors. ‘A player will not buy into something you are preaching if you yourself are not practicing it.’

That’s why you’ll find Adam Hermann up at 5 in the morning reading books to improve his knowledge and broadening his perspective. You’ll find him in the foothills of Idaho filling his soul with the beauty and purity of nature.

You’ll find him at the practice facilities and weight rooms of several different sports teams within the University promoting Togetherness and Unity.

He’s a man with an impressive motor and an enthusiasm that got Harv and Dave all sorts of jacked up during their exchange. During a time in college athletics where the lights shine brighter and the pressure cooker is hotter, Adam Hermann plants and nurtures seeds of excellence in Simplicity and Resilience with all his athletes.

The Diamond Series

Home Plate
Adam’s purpose is based in Helping Others. He wants to help people get better, not only in athletics but better as people. He wants to develop young people. His gift is planting good seeds in others and nurturing them to be strong and healthy.

First Base
Adam puts great value in understanding his Controllables.
His E.F.F.O.R.T. acronym make up the rest of his standards and values.

Second Base
Adam’s systems revolve around Reading, Getting outdoors, Spending time with his family, and keeping his body and mind honed in with fitness and nutrition.

Third Base 
Adam is not a guy big on goals. ‘How do we get better at getting better?’ He wants to continue Growing. He wants to keep making an impact, and is in a daily pursuit of Excellence.  

Cliff Notes

Intro Banter
The Branches of Sports Performance (min. 3:02)
Details, Details, Details (min. 6:48)
Lifestyle Habits (min. 9:38)
Progress Without Results (min. 15:06)
Team Continuity (min. 23:43)
Staff Continuity (min. 27:21)
E.F.F.O.R.T. (min. 29:38)
‘We’re the Mirror’ (min. 31:55)
How Do you Keep Buying In? (min. 36:00)
Involving Players in the Process (min. 37:45)
Adam Hetman’s Leadership Staples (min. 43:50)
Lean On Me, Pick Me Up (min. 47:46)
Read Books! (min. 52:04)
Adam Herman’s Diamond Series (min. 57:10)