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Oct 15, 2020

Proclaimed as the "Godfather of Natural Movement", Erwan Le Corre is the founder of MovNat - an evolutionary method of training the human body to move in the ways it was naturally intended.

With over 160,000 subscribers to the MovNat platform, and features in Men's Health USA and Outside Magazine, Erwan has traveled all over the world transforming the lives of those he trains.  

MovNat was described as being the driving force in the "Paleo-fitness" industry, which was ranked #1 on the "Top 10 Health and Fitness Trends of 2010".  As listeners will hear in our conversation, Erwan describes natural movement as anything but a trend.  He believes the laws and principles of nature guide how we should move, think, and live.

Erwan and MovNat have seen massive success within their coaching, selling out workshops across the globe.  Further, the MovNat platform provides a plethora of free and affordable resources - allowing any and all to enhance or rekindle their own relationship with natural movement.

Along with the passion he displays towards natural movement, Erwan also shows an undeniable zest for life toward his wife and kids.  He doubles down on his teachings of natural movement, strong sleep & nutrition, and other natural health practices to possess amazing vitality and energy at 49 years young.

This is a conversation you won't want to miss!

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Instagram: @erwanlecorre - @naturalmovement - @movnat

Twitter: @MovNat - @ErwanLeCorre

YouTube: MovNat