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Aug 8, 2017

It’s early August and the dog days of summer are upon us. That sun is still high up in the sky and the temperatures can get HOT, and if Harvey forgets to throw on some SPF 30 his pasty white body is in danger of getting BURNED. So as Dave and Harv sat comfortably in an air conditioned room ready to speak with Devan Kline they were both a bit puzzled as to why it started to feel like a sauna. After 5 minutes into their sit down with the CEO of Burn Boot Camp it became a lot more clear.

A native of Battle Creek, Michigan Devan Kline will be the first to admit that his childhood was not all rainbows and butterflies. Forced to grow up fast Devan developed mental toughness at an early age and his choice to not feel sorry for himself and simply work harder than everybody else would be two attributes that would serve him well as he made his way through life. Another pillar in Devan’s foundation came in the form of a sweet girl named Morgan Stevens. He didn’t know it at the age of 12 but this young lady was going to become his wife someday and together they were going to create one of the most successful fitness companies in the country.

After spending three years of playing professional baseball in the San Francisco Giants organization Devan was released at the age of 24 and was faced with the next chapter of his story rather quickly. A believer in progression Devan immediately got to work. His passion and enthusiasm for health, fitness, and helping people better themselves brought him to North Carolina where he began training a small group of women in a parking lot. This group of women began to grow and with it the idea for a fitness company within Devan’s mind.

He took out a $5,000 loan and never looked back. With Morgan at his side Devan began to grow Burn Boot Camp into a national power house. Now 5 years later Burn is valued at $55 million dollars, has 75 locations in 33 states across the country, and was recently awarded the opportunity to increase that number of locations to 300.

Devan Kline’s motor runs on all cylinders and he uses that horse power in everything he does. From his business to his family Kline approaches each facet of his life with the same energy, drive, positivity, and belief.

Be sure to grab a fishing pole as Devan discusses ‘Vision Casting.’ Find a nice mirror (Harvey never found one he didn’t like) so you can start flexing your ‘Belief Muscle,’ and be sure to throw a little Zinc Oxide on the nose this week before diving into the FishBowl because Devan Kline is bringing the heat and ready to Burn the house down!


Devan Kline Diamond Series

Home Plate - Devan Kline’s purpose is to make an IMPACT. His mission in his life is to make a positive impact with each and every person he comes in contact with.

First Base - Devan’s standards are always to set new ones! Him and his colleagues are constantly working to break through new ceilings and create new standards for themselves and the company. They work to redefine themselves. Their mission is to become the biggest fitness brand in the world and he is not shy to admit that. He also states that that which does not benefit his person (physically, emotionally, spiritually, in his business or personal life) he simply will not do.

Second Base - Devan’s system work begins first and foremost with Diet and Nutrition. His motor and fire cannot ‘burn’ at a high level if he is putting crap into his body. He also sets aside at least one hour everyday for an intense and focused workout. After his workout he spends time in his breathing practices and meditation. His meditation practice is more geared toward visualization. Lastly there is family time. This family time is set to be intentional and engaging. No phones, no distractions just love and attention.

Third Base - Within his business Devan visualizes in month to month periods. He wants to hit metrics and reach outcomes. He does not care how they reach the outcomes only that they are achieved. He also visualizes the feeling it will give him and his fellow Burn BootCampers when they reach these goals. Personally he wants to have a helicopter so he can fly over the parking lot where he started this mission. He notes that all visualization is not positive. Negative thoughts creep into all of our minds and there is no reason to fight it. Kline instead chooses to acknowledge or ‘peg’ the negative thought and rip it out from its roots. This way the negative thought will not have room to grow in his mind. As with most weeds it takes constant attention to keep his mental garden fruitful.


Cliff Notes:

Intro Banter
From Baseball to Burn (min. 3:47)
Acute Awareness and Vision Casting (min. 6:18)
A Life of Progression (min. 8:50)
Burn BootCamp Foundation (min. 10:50)
Direct TV sales. 98 No’s 2 Yes’s (min. 13:13)
Time to Learn (min. 14:13)
Success Formula (min. 17:00)
Reticular Activation and Vision Casting (min. 19:42)
$55 Million from $5 Grand in 5 Years (min. 25:02)
Resourcefulness (min. 27:27)
“There’s no Perfect Time to Start” (min. 32:10)
Pre-Performance Routine (min. 35:00)
Sustaining Energy (min. 39:40)
Burn BootCamp Culture (min. 44:27)
Managing Relationships (min. 48:40)
Trickle Down Effect (min. 52:39)
Devan’s Diamond Series (min. 57:43)