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Aug 1, 2017

The path through the sporting world for any athlete can most aptly be viewed as some type of funnel, pyramid, or mountain. Lots of water goes into that funnel at its largest point, yet only a small stream spits through its mouth. The pyramid has a great many stones covering a large surface area at its bottom, but as you move up the amount of stones creating the structure becomes fewer and fewer. The base of a mountain is enormous and a great many people can walk next to it or maybe even choose to climb it, but only a small number actually realize their goal and make it all the way to the top. Cam Fowler is a man who has steadily and consistently made his way through the mouth of that funnel, been one of the last stones at the top of the pyramid, and trekked his way to the top of the mountain.

As Harvey and Dave began their discourse with Cam Fowler (12th overall pick in the 2010 NHL draft, Olympian, and NHL All Star Defenseman) Harvey felt it necessary to remind Cam of where he hit in the line-up back in their youth baseball playing days and how he blew a state championship game as a pitcher. Harvey’s gotta hang his hat on something right. Cam seemed to recover just fine from this tough blip in his athletic radar (not sure if he ever fully recovered from being a teammate of Harvey’s but that is neither here nor there) because hockey was Cam’s calling.

His path took him not too far away from Farmington, Michigan where he grew up. Ann Arbor and the National Team Development Program awaited Cam as he wore the Red, White, and Blue as a 16 and 17 year old and played for team USA. Spartan style sparring was just one of the many exercises that helped shape this group of boys and take them from soft balls of putty to mentally and physically hardened men and teammates. After “The Program” Cam took a detour north to Canada where he experienced great success with the Windsor Spitfires of the Ontario Hockey League. Different lessons were learned at this stage of his career as Cam took on a much heavier game schedule and had to play in front of enormous crowds that live, eat, and breathe hockey.

All of these experiences led Cam to where he is today, playing with the Anaheim Ducks in the National Hockey League. His simple and consistent approach has allowed him to ‘funnel’ himself to the top of the game. The great support from family, friends, training staff, and Ducks management have put him atop the ‘hockey pyramid’, and his awareness of just how lucky he is allows him to live with great gratitude and push himself up the ‘mountain of life’ with a good attitude and great work ethic.

So Listen in with Marty and Dave as this Anaheim Duck takes a little dip into the FishBowl and shows us all how he peeled himself out of the despair of losing a youth baseball game to the tops of the best hockey league in the world.  


Home Plate- Perspective, Attitude, Gratefulness, and Hard Work make up the pillars of Cam’s home plate and purpose. He has great awareness of how lucky and fortunate he is and he does not intend to waste it. He uses HARD WORK to keep himself there.

First Base- Cam has great awareness. He knows that every decision he makes is contributing to his standards and values. He values consistency, “Making sure I’m always the best version of what I have to offer at that time.”

Second Base- Cam remains consistent with his simplicity in his daily habits and routines. Good Breakfast, Good warm up, Good one ice habits, and then being able to unplug and turn his focus to everything outside of hockey when he leaves the rink round out his daily systems.

Third Base- As with all NHL hockey players Cam visualizes himself one day hoisting Lord Stanley’s Cup with his teammates. Outside of sports Cam looks forward to being a great family man one day and starting a ‘flock’ of his own little Ducks. Lastly Fowler wants to give back. He looks forward to more involvement in the community and using his platform to reach people in a positive manner.


Intro Banter
The Hockey World and Team USA (min. 5:45)
Prison Beat Downs (min. 10:32)
Different Paths to Take (min. 15:45)
USA to CANADA (min. 20:20)
NHL Career Begins (min. 23:25)
Lessons From Scotty Niedermayer (min. 27:45)
NHL All Star (min. 30:12
Handling Doubts and Climbing the Ladder (min. 32:07)
Overcoming the Mental Battle of Injury (min. 36:35)
Playing His Best Hockey (min. 41:37)
Mental Warm Up (min. 44:50)
Off Ice Balance (min. 48:55)
Cam’s Diamond Series (min. 51:36)